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Research and evaluation of

Mind - Body - Spirit healing practices.

Founded by Dr. Lenore Matthew

Demonstrating the efficacy and credibility of Mind-Body-Spirit practices.

Through rigorous qualitative, quantitive, and mixed-methods evaluations, the Living Lab helps healers document the effects of their work. This empowers them to demonstrate the impact of their practice as well as adds to the overall evidence base of Mind-Body-Spirit healing. 


We evaluate the impact of Mind-Body-Spirit practices:

  • Psychic mediumship; 

  • Energy healing, including Reiki and Kundalini;

  • Sound and frequency healing; 

  • EFT Tapping;

  • Breathwork;

  • Somatic body healing;

  • Meditation; 

  • Yoga;

  • And many others.


We measure the impact on key measures of well-being:

  • Mental and emotional health;

  • Physical health;

  • Spirituality;

  • Overall well-being and joy;

  • And other outcomes.

Reiki Therapy
Image by Darius Bashar

Helping healers and training organizations about the effect of their work-and learn now to evaluate it themselves.

We Conduct Evaluations of Your Healing Work

  • We assess the impact of healers' work on clients'  health and well-being. This helps you determine how effective your work is, as well as demonstrates the credibility of your efforts.

  • We assess various indicators of client satisfaction. This helps you assess key indicators of business growth and efficacy.

We Teach You How to Evaluate Your Work Yourself

  • Through training workshops, we teach healers how to measure their work on their own. This helps you know if your work is really working and provides invaluable information to help evolve your business and practice. Evaluation results, for example, provide the data to market your practice, demonstrate your competitive advantage, and apply for funding and grants.

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The mission of the Living Lab is to conduct rigorous, independent evaluations, to document the efficacy and credibility of Mind-Body-Spirit practices. We aim to demonstrate that these interventions are effective, evidence-based, and truly transformational — especially for people who have survived trauma.

How the Living Lab Got Started

The Living Lab was founded by Dr. Lenore Matthew, an expert in program evaluation and evidence-based practice — as well as a psychic medium. Lenore's intuitive gift of psychic mediumship suddenly awoke when her late husband passed away by suicide. 


She has doctoral-level specialization in research and evaluation and previously worked as an evaluation specialist with international humanitarian organizations, including the United Nations.

The opening of her ability of mediumship and her late husband's passing opened Lenore up to a path of holistic healing through a multitude of spiritual and mind/body practices. Through these practices, she has found deep healing at the mind, body, and spirit levels, as well as joy, purpose, and even happiness — even through the pain and devastation of traumatic loss. She has met numerous clients and peers also healing through trauma who have also revolutionized their life and pain through these practices.

Inspired by her personal experience and drawing on her background in research and evaluation, she founded the Living Lab.

Evaluation Areas

The Living Lab will officially launch in 2023. 

Below are the evaluations to come.

Crystal Ball

Psychic Mediumship

We will document the impact of psychic mediumship readings in one-on-one and group settings on people grieving the loss of a loved one. We will also explore the impact on specific populations, including young widows, suicide loss survivors, and grieving parents.

Colorful Crystal

Energy Healing

We will document the impact of various energy healing techniques, including Reiki, Kundalini Activation, and other practices. Working with specific energy healers, we will document energy healing on targeted populations, such as suicide loss and childhood trauma survivors.


We will set forth mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impact of specific types of yoga (e.g., yin; vinyasa) over time on targeted populations, including trauma and grief survivors.

Meditating on the Beach


We will set forth effects over time of different types of meditation (e.g., mindfulness; transcendental). We will look at the impact on specific types of meditation over time on targeted populations, including trauma and grief survivors.

Image by Lesly Juarez

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is an intuitive somatic healing technique. We will document the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impacts of this practice over time on specific populations, including those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Girl Relaxing


We will document the impact of this body-centric body somatic technique, focusing on specific populations, including those grieving the loss of a loved one.

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