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Explore Dr. Lenore Matthew's published articles and interviews.

Published Articles

Image by Gian Reichmuth

Trusting intuition after suicide loss


Article for Love What Matters by Dr. Lenore Matthew

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Image by pawel szvmanski

"You've got to see this!": Signs I receive from on the Other Side


Article for Love What Matters by Dr. Lenore Matthew

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Sad on Couch

The importance of compassionate, relevant mental health screenings


Article for Love What Matters by Dr. Lenore Matthew

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Pensive Man

My husband ended his life after hiding childhood sexual abuse for years

Article for The Mighty Mental Health Community by Dr. Lenore Matthew

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Image by Daiga Ellaby

Hidden relationships between childhood sexual abuse and

adult suicide


Article for The Mighty Mental Health Community by Dr. Lenore Matthew

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How mindfulness helped me cope with my husband's suicide


Article for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) by Dr. Lenore Matthew

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Select Video Interviews

Data and Lived Experiences with the Afterlife:
A Talk with Helping Parents Heal

Dr. Lenore Matthew joins Helping Parents Heal, an international non-profit supporting bereaved parents, for a talk on how working with our loved ones on the Other Side helps us heal -- and how this experience is more common than we might think.

Discovering Our Mediumship Abilities:
An Interview with  Liz Entin of WTF Just Happened?!

Author and skeptical afterlife researcher Liz Entin of WTF Just Happened?! interviews Dr. Lenore Matthew on unexpected mediumship awakenings.

Exploring the Benefits of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing:
A Talk with Mental Health America (MHA) of Hawai'i

Dr. Matthew discusses integrating clinical interventions with energetic, intuitive, and spiritual practices for healing through traumatic loss.

Melding Science and Spirit to Heal Trauma and Grief: A Talk with Author and Addiction Advocate Kathy Wagner

Author and grief and addiction advocate Kathy Wagner interviews Dr. Lenore Matthew about connecting to our loved ones in Spirit to help us heal through grief.

Select Podcast Interviews

Seeking Center: The Podcast

Proving the healing power of mediumship 

Psychic Happy Hour with Travis Holp

Trauma and psychic awakenings after loss - And where the fields of mediumship and mental health are heading

The Grief Awakening Podcast

When science meets spirituality: Awakening from trauma with Dr. Lenore Matthew

Widow We Do Now Podcast

Science, mediumship, and widowhood: An interview with Dr. Lenore Matthew

The Selfish Griever Podcast

Does grief enable and increase mediumship?

The Leftover Pieces; Conversations Around Suicide Loss Podcast

Melding science and spirituality with Dr. Lenore Matthew

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