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I'm Dr. Lenore Matthew.

I'm a Dr. of Social Work and a practitioner and researcher, with expertise in trauma, grief, intuitive awakenings, and brain/body/spirit healing, as well as evaluation and evidence-based practice. 


Previously, I worked in research and evidence-based practice with international organizations, including the United Nations. 

In my work today, I use a grounded science-meets-spirit approach to help people process trauma, pain, and stuckness, and open up to a life of joy, emotional freedom, and intuitive connection. ​

My approach stems from a deep-seated personal journey beginning with the traumatic loss of my late husband, which prompted the unexpected awakening of my intuitive abilities.


This awakening opened my path of melding science with spirit to heal through profound trauma — and ultimately guided me to my life purpose: Bringing forth a melded scientific-plus-spiritual and intuitive approach to trauma healing, to help others find their way forward after profound pain, and align with their own light, purpose, and joy.

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My Intuitive Awakening


Intuitive Awakening Amidst Traumatic Loss

In 2020, my late husband unexpectedly passed away by what I call "warningless suicide" (meaning, there were no clear indications before his passing that he was in distress, let alone suicidal).


The night that he crossed, I began receiving visceral communications from him from the afterlife. I could see him. Feel him. Hear him. Interact with him, in real-time. I’d never had an experience like this before.


I spent the better part of early grief skeptical and in denial (I'm a researcher and evidence-based practice specialist, after all!). At many points, I asked myself, family, and friends, “Am I going 'crazy'?! Am I imagining this?!" But deep down, I knew these experiences were real — and were guiding me forward in a positive way.

The communications from my late husband continued. He gave me information explaining his passing, which I was able to verify with objective information. Within a month, other people in the spirit world began visiting me, relaying messages for their surviving loved ones, which I passed along. Although I'd never met any of these departed people, I knew who they were visiting for, and when I relayed their messages to their surviving loved ones, they checked out every time. 


I documented every communication, many of which I could later validate with objective information.

I talked openly about my experiences. I published articles and gave interviews on my late husband's messages, and how they shaped my grief and life after loss for the better.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this… And I wasn’t. Soon, people began contacting me with their own stories of communication with loved ones who had passed.

I also began formally training in evidential mediumship, to better understand myself and my experiences. I practiced as an evidential medium for a few years, relaying messages from the spirit world to surviving loved ones.


Eventually, I was led back to the world of research, interviewing other people who’ve had similar experiences. The crossovers in our experiences are uncanny. What’s more — we all are finding purpose, meaning, and even light and joy again by way of our loved ones’ guidance from the afterlife.

From there, I developed my Continued Connection programs, which bring together evidence of the afterlife and practices from the mediumship development world, to help people move through grief and find their way forward after loss, with their loved ones in Spirit actively by their side.

"The night my late husband passed away, I began receiving visceral communications from him from the afterlife. I could see him. Feel him. Hear him. Interact with him, in real-time. I’d never had an experience like this before.

At many points, I asked myself, family, and friends, 'Am I going 'crazy'?!' But deep down, I knew these experiences were real — and were guiding me forward in a positive way."

-Dr. Lenore Matthew
Dr. Lenore Matthew and her late husband, Bruno.

Bridging Science and Spirituality to Heal Through Trauma

Intuitive guidance led me to Brainspotting, the intervention that gave me my life back.

Cloud with Silver Lining

Connecting to our spiritual gifts and intuition helps us move forward. It brings clarity, peace, and insight beyond the confines and constructs of the analytical, thinking mind.

What's more, when we tune into our intuitive abilities, they show up the way forward in our healing and life purpose. 

After my own abilities awoke, I trained and practiced as a professional medium, leaning into my newly discovered intuitive abilities and connection to my late husband. As my most powerful guide through deep trauma and complex grief, these connections led me down a path of myriad somatic, spiritual, mind/body, and energy-based healing techniques. 


On that path, I discovered Brainspotting, a fast-acting, deeply effective brain/body modality for trauma, and a derivative of EMDR. In just one session, it completely changed my experience with trauma, grief, and the stronghold they had over my life, far surpassing the impact of any other modality I had tried, both in depth of healing, and in staying power. Through Brainspotting, combined with my connection to my intuitive self, my world shifted to one that is expansive, joyful, present, and profoundly alive.

Even the sadness of grief is completely gone. It's not like my experiences or memories have been erased or bypassed; it's that I've processed the subconscious layers of pain and can hold those experiences without being overwhelmed by emotions of them. The painful emotions just aren't there anymore. What is there in its place is profound joy, levity, and compassion for what I went through, and excitement for the present and the future. I also feel so in tune with my spirit and intuitive guidance.


It’s not just that I got my life back. I feel like I got my life 2.0.

Brainspotting impacted me so much that I became trained in the modality, enabling me to help others in tremendously transformative ways. ​

My Work Today

Brainspotting for trauma healing.
Intuitive development for joy and expansion.

Sunset Kayak

My work today blends scientific methods from the fields of neuroscience, social work, and psychology, with the spiritual world and intuitive practices. My goal is to blend science with spirit to help people move through pain and trauma, and connect to their own soul, light, purpose, and joy. ​

Today, I work with people in the following key ways:


  • Continued Connection, my groundbreaking intuitive grief healing program, which teaches you how to build an active relationship with your loved one on the other side, to heal and grow together.

My other offerings include:

  • Research on intuitive healing, conducted through my Research Lab.

  • Workshops, invited talks, and other public outreach events.

Whether it's grief, traumatic loss, adverse childhood experiences, or work stress you're navigating, or whether you're having feelings of stuckness, hopelessness, insecurity, not being not good enough, perfectionism, anxiety, or depression, my blended approach of working with the deep brain plus opening up to one's soul, spirit, and intuition offers profound healing of the past alongside an expansive, positive opening to the future.

Blending science with intuition and spirit is transformative.

It is profoundly healing.

And it yields insights beyond what the conscious, thinking mind can comprehend. 

My Mission

To help people find healing, purpose, and joy after grief and trauma by processing deep-seated distressing emotions, and connecting to their intuitive abilities, soul, and the spirit world.

Pain — out.

Light, joy, freedom, and expansion — in.

Lenore Matthew, PhD, MSW

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