Hi, I'm
Dr. Lenore Matthew.

I'm a Doctor of Social Work with expertise in evidence-based practice and program evaluation, as well as trauma and grief.

I'm also a psychic medium.

I know grief and trauma personally:

I lost my husband, a survivor of chronic childhood abuse, to suicide.

I also know sudden awakenings of intuitive gifts:

My ability of psychic mediumship unexpectedly awoke when my husband passed away.

Today, I meld science and spirit, to help you heal through trauma and grief, and find your soul path forward.

It's my purpose.

It's my life calling.

And it's my own lived experience.

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My Story

My Purpose.

Losing my husband to unexpected suicide opened up my intuitive gift of psychic mediumship.


Today, I blend my scientific background as a Doctor of Social Work with my intuitive gifts, to help survivors of trauma and traumatic loss heal and find their soul path forward.


​Loss of Life as I Knew It

My life flipped upside down in an instant.

A few years ago, I was a sensitive social scientist who swore by data and empirics. I was a young Doctor of Social Work, and newly-minted Associate Expert of Research and Evaluation, working for the United Nations in the field of international human development. My job, quite literally, was to collect and analyze data on whether certain interventions were real — meaning, ascertain whether or not they affected human well-being.

Want me to believe that something exists? 


"Give me the data, show me the evidence." That was my motto.

In terms of my character, I'd always been an empathic and intuitive person, with the keen ability to tune into people's personality and connect to their energy. I never gave it much thought beyond that, though, and took it for face value. I was a "people person," I reasoned. And that was the end of it. More important to me were the everyday nuances of a normal human life: Family, friends, partner. Career, bills, vacation. Groceries, rent, future plans, and the like.

Then, without warning, my husband — a survivor of childhood sexual abuse — unexpectedly took his life.


From that moment, my entire life was turned upside down.


In an instant, I'd undergone the most debilitating shock of my life, suddenly losing the person I loved most in the world.

At the same time that I'd lost my husband in one of the most traumatic ways possible, something else was happening: Immediately after my husband died, I began receiving messages from him in the afterlife, and soon thereafter, from other people who had passed away.

From there, everything I thought I knew and understood about life, death, and love was called into question. 

Soul Connection

My Husband Bruno and me.

He opened my up to my intuitive gifts after he crossed over, and is now one of my main collaborators and guides.


My Spiritual

My ability of psychic mediumship opened up amidst unfathomable loss.

The night that my husband passed, I began receiving visceral auditory, visual, and emotion-based messages from him. And after he passed, I realized that I'd been having predictive dreams and premonitions for three months prior to his passing — I just didn't understand them at the time. 

My world had been obliterated and thrust into total chaos. 


Not only was I thrust into the deepest sorrow and most painful loss I've ever known, I began receiving messages, signs, and insights from a dimension that I never understood, nor ever had a reason to believe existed. I spent the better part of early grief skeptical and in denial (I'm a social scientist, after all!), and at many points, I asked myself and loved ones, "am I going nuts?!" But deep down, I knew these experiences were very real  — and unlike any experience I'd ever had before.

Within a month of receiving messages and directives from my husband in Spirit (almost all of which I could verify with tangible, objective information), I was aware that I could communicate with other people in the Spirit world. As I'd later come to recognize, this was my ability of mediumship.


With time, I also realized my ability to "read people" was more than just a coincidence or a testament to my being a people person. 


For other people in the living, I soon discovered I was able to feel into the past, present, and even future points of significance in their lives. I could identify areas that needed healing, as well as see their soul path forward — reasons why they were put on this earth, and the impact they would make, both for their own well-being and for that of others. As I'd later realize, this was my psychic ability.

Soon after realizing that my newfound abilities weren't going away — rather, they were only getting stronger — I accepted that this intuitive side was now a part of me. Even more, I realized that my psychic mediumship is a beautiful gift that was helping me heal, as well as leading me to my true purpose: To blend evidence-based, scientific interventions with spiritual and intuitive ones. to help others survivors of trauma and traumatic loss heal and find their soul path forward.

Within a few months of opening up to my gifts, I began training with leading psychic mediums from the US and UK, which allowed me to unfold my intuitive abilities. I immediately saw how my background as a researcher/practitioner and Doctor of Social Work blends with my intuitive gifts.

My Work

I blend my scientific background with my intuitive ability of psychic mediumship.

Today, I'm a trauma and grief specialist, a practicing evidential psychic medium, and an intuitive energy healer.

In my work, I blend my scientific background as a Doctor of Social Work and researcher/practitioner, with my intuitive gift of psychic mediumship and energy healing, to help survivors of trauma and traumatic loss heal and find their soul path forward.

I also work with people whose intuitive and psychic gifts awoke following the death of a loved one or another traumatic event. In this capacity, we work together to help you understand and trust your gifts, and unfold your path in using them for your and others' highest good. 

Given my areas of expertise and personal lived experience, I am particularly drawn to working with:


Widows and survivors of partner loss,

Survivors of traumatic loss including suicide,

Survivors of child sexual abuse,

People whose intuitive gifts spontaneously opened up following the loss of a loved one or another type of traumatic event, and


People who are curious about developing their spiritual and intuitive side, in order to heal their past and find their soul path forward.

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My Approach

How do science and spirituality work together to help us heal through trauma and grief?

How do they conflict?

These are some of my guiding questions in working with others, and in my own healing.

The Scientific

Of my approach.

It is my view that to treat trauma, we can't "talk it out" or plan our healing in an analytical, lockstep fashion. Instead, we must feel into how our trauma and pain reside in our bodies, and then gradually process and release them over time. We do this by reframing how our minds understand ourselves and our trauma, and by engaging in somatic (i.e. mind/body/spirit) methods that go beyond the conscious mind.

From the scientific side, I draw heavily on evidence-based mind/body/spirit interventions rooted in somatic psychology, which hinges on the notion that trauma is housed in the body, rather than the analytical mind.

The mind/body/spirit methods I use include meditation, breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or "tapping"), yoga, and Reiki and spiritual energy healing, and automatic and channeled writing, among others.

The Spiritual & Intuitive Side

Of my approach.

On the spiritual and intuitive side, it is my belief (and experience) that facing our trauma can prompt a deep spiritual awakening — an opening up to who we truly are, what our purpose on this earth is, and what our pain and suffering mean with regard to that purpose. By tuning into our trauma, and engaging in healing in a way that feels right, the hold our pain has over us loosens, and our connection with our soul (our true self) is awakened.


Once we are able to tune into our soul and our intuition (the mouthpiece of our soul), a beautiful world of true meaning and purpose unfolds. It is in this space that we begin to understand our purpose and path (our dharma) and what our soul is meant to learn in life (our karma). It is here that we also tune into our own inner knowing, and even discover the intuitive gifts that we may have, but not yet realize we possess. 

To help clients open up this connection to soul, I engage my intuitive gifts of psychic mediumship, as well as guide clients to tuning into their own intuition and gifts (we all have them!).


Specifically, I use my psychic abilities to read clients' points of pain from the past, present, and even future; identify opportunities for healing, growth, and expansion; and help them hone in on their true path forward — the path that feels, wholly and completely, theirs. All in all, when I use my psychic skills, it is to connect to the client, and provide guidance on their life and soul path.

My mediumship abilities work a bit differently. When I use my mediumship, it is to tune into and connect with people on the Other Side — meaning people who have passed away, and are no longer among the physically living. Many clients who seek mediumship readings have navigated grief and the loss of a loved one. Connecting to their loved ones on the Other Side provides evidence that they're always with us, which usually aids the healing process, as well as provides insight on our path forward after loss. Other clients who come for mediumship readings are curious about the Other Side, and seek insight and support from their people in Spirit. (We all have a team of people on the Other Side who support us every day!)

My background in research is very much a part of my work as a psychic medium. I keep detailed records of all of my experiences with the Spirit world, constantly consider alternative explanations, and keep up-to-date on the growing body of research on metaphysics and the afterlife. I also encourage my clients to do the same.


For more on how my researcher brain approaches my work as a psychic medium, see my blog article"Signs are everywhere. But how do we really know they're from our loved ones passed on?"

My Overall Objective with Clients

My approach is to guide my clients through a process, which blends data-driven, evidence-based, scientific approaches, with a hands-on exploration and development of our intuitive and spiritual selves, and connection to the higher energies that support us — but that we may not always see.

The end-goal of my approach is to guide clients through a process of healing and awakening at mind, body, and soul levels. This process is life-changing, transformational, and the beginning of a new way of seeing the world and living in it — a way that is deeply fulfilling, truly joyful, and authentically, uniquely, fully yours.

I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Lenore Matthew, Ph.D., MSW