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Mind-Body-Spirit Retreat


August 25-27, 2023

Where mental wellness meets psychic mediumship.

Where bodywork meets spirit.

Where your soul thrives — uncaged and unmasked.


Friends in Nature


Join us for UNLOCKED, a three-day journey of evidence-based, holistic mind, body, and spirit practices as well as pre- and post-retreat events, designed to help you uncage and unmask your soul's truest, most authentic expression.

This retreat is for people looking for a new way of healing. It's for people who have tried traditional methods but are left with the feeling of needing more. It's for those of us who have done the heavy lifting in their healing work, but are uncertain how to move towards what's next. It's for those who crave something more in their life — more light, direction, meaning, and joy.

The retreat is hosted by Kate Stacom, LICSW, MSW, and Dr. Lenore Matthew—both mental health professionals as well as trained evidential psychic mediums.

As both mediums and mental health specialists, Kate and Lenore will guide you through a truly unique opening at the mind, body, spirit, and soul.​ Some of the activities you will experience include:

  • Two intuitive readings, one private and one in a group setting, aimed at exploring your soul path and purpose,

  • Guided soul expansion mediation journeys,

  • Clinically-informed mental wellness tools,

  • Yoga by candlelight,

  • Reiki energy healing,

  • Exercises to develop your intuitive abilities,

  • Nourishing meals,

  • And more.

Three Women


Live from your soul's truest expression.

Beautiful Landscape




About a month prior to the retreat, you will receive a private, one-on-one intuitive reading with Kate. In the reading, she will use her intuitive gifts alongside the clinical skills to provide insight into your soul path and purpose, and any blockages standing in the way. The goal is to come into the weekend with a little more focus than beforehand. 

At the retreat, you will experience an additional intuitive reading, which will be in a group setting and led by both Kate and Lenore.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2023 (12-7 pm)

  • Welcome Ceremony

  • Group Intuitive Readings with Kate & Lenore

  • Develop Your Intuitive Skills Workshop: Automatic Writing & Sitting in the Power

  • Grounding and Energy Clearing Exercise 

  • Nutritious Lunch and Dinner

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 2023 (12-7pm)

  • Clinically-Informed Mind/Body Exercises to Balance the Nervous System

  • Creative Soul Expression Artistic Activity

  • Candlelit Yoga

  • Guided Soul Journey Meditation

  • Reiki Energy Healng Circle

  • Nutritious Lunch and Dinner

SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2023 (12-3pm)

  • Mindfulness Meditation: Setting Intention

  • Soul-Centered Planning Workshop: Next Steps for Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Self-Evaluations of What You Learned

  • Closing Ceremony

  • Nutritious Brunch

Dancing in Park
Compass & Map



As both mental health practitioners and psychic mediums, we value the importance that integration and application play in healing work. The time after the retreat may be filled with adjustments and curiosities, as you settle into a new way of working with your soul. You are finding a new rhythm in your life, and your mind, body, and spirit are sure to respond.

This post-retreat follow-up session is intended to return to a safe space together and discuss these experiences in a warm, intimate environment. Lenore and Kate will provide consultation around any issues that may have arisen after you returned home.



Screenshot 2023-04-16 at 1.01.42 PM.png

Dr. Lenore Matthew, PhD, MSW

Dr. of Social Work | Evidential Psychic Medium

Lenore is a Dr. of Social Work, a certified yoga instructor, a certified Level II Reiki energy healer, and a trained evidential psychic medium. She is also a widow and survivor of suicide loss.


Lenore holds expertise in evidence-based mind-body-spirit practice and evaluation, particularly in contexts of trauma. She believes we all have unique soul purposes, intuitive gifts, and innate talents. Having found purpose and light in mind-body-spirit healing after traumatic loss, her purpose is to help others connect to their joy, talents, and intuitive gifts through these transformative practices.

Find out more about Lenore at and on social media @drlenorematthew.

Kate Stacom, LICSW, MSW

Licensed Psychotherapist | Evidential Psychic Medium

Kate is a licensed psychotherapist and a trained evidential psychic medium with a passion for soul-centered living. She is also a mama of two, and experiencer of perinatal trauma, depression, anxiety, and sudden loss.


Kate’s expertise is in blending the skills that she has acquired from over a decade as a licensed psychotherapist with her natural gifts of intuition to provide the utmost clarity, support and validation to others so that they can live out their soul’s purpose.

Find out more about Kate at and on social media @katestacom.


My intuitive guidance session with Kate was truly life changing and dare I say it—shifted me into a new dimension of sorts? I feel so at peace and so connected to myself and the universe on such an intense soul level. Things are making so much sense that have happened to me throughout my lifetime. Things that for 42 years, made me think I was weird, crazy, different?


Our time unlocked so much for me.​ My soul is open and so much is coming in now. The peace I feel knowing it is ok to embrace this part of me is something I am incredibly grateful for.


-Katie L.

In the group intuitive reading, I liked how the two of you worked together to pick up different things. I am very grateful.

-Summer L.

Lenore and Kate are extraordinarily talented and shared so much love and support throughout the evening.


-Anna Z.

I loved Lenore's presence. There is a kindness, ease, and an old soul comfort, which was simply wonderful. For a skeptic like myself, I approached our psychic medium session cautiously. However, this incredibly impactful time together made me feel alive and optimistic about the path ahead of me, and further opened my curiosity to a new way of spiritual being that I now find myself in.

Everything that Lenore described in our session resonated with me. It provided the uplifting insight and reassurance that I needed on the healing journey. I'm so grateful for this experience and for Lenore.


-Sue B.


The Salty Buddha

Peabody, MA (Neighboring town of Salem, MA, USA)

The Salty Buddha is a yoga studio with an earthy, grounded, soulful vibe. We will have the space all to ourselves to grow, stretch, learn and develop. Please be mindful that you will be on a yoga mat for seated activities. We invite you to let us know should this be a concern for you.

Screenshot 2023-04-16 at 11.57.35 AM.jpeg
Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 9.16.31 AM.png



Thanks to a generous donation, we are able to extend a blanket scholarship to ALL participants, bringing the price of the entire program to $1000 (from the regular rate of $1800).

Retreat (with automatic scholarship) - $1000

Please note that all meals during retreat hours are provided and included in the cost. Accommodations are not included. 

The Surrounding Area

Salem/Peabody (North Shore of Boston, MA, USA)

Located just 16 miles from Boston on what Bostonians call “the North Shore,” Salem is a historic waterfront city bustling with energy no matter the season. The city boasts charming stores nestled along cobblestone streets, a variety of restaurants for all visitors desires and expansive parks to simply enjoy the outdoors. 

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Salem has a rich history rooted in the spiritual and metaphysical. Salem was the site of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, and from that history was born a beautiful culture of tolerance and curiosity about intuitive gifts. You might consider visiting some of the various spiritual historical sites, metaphysical shops, and the like while in town! 

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 9.21.10 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 9.19.40 AM.png
Sunflower Field


Q: How do I book my private, one-on-one reading with Kate?

A: After you book your seat for the retreat, Kate will follow up with you directly via email to book your session! Kindly note that this reading is valid for one participant on one device.

Q: Are accommodations included? 

A: No, accommodations are not included in the retreat. There are many hotels in the area, meeting all budgets. We suggest the following options: The Hawthorne Hotel, Salem Waterfront Hotel, Marriot Peabody, and the Salem Hampton Inn.


Q: Are meals included in the retreat? 

A: Yes, nutritious meals are included during retreat hours! Friday and Saturday include lunch and dinner and Sunday (half-day) includes brunch. We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian options).

Q: What airport should I arrive at? How do I arrive to the retreat?

A:  Uber/Lyft, and Boston taxi are right outside the terminals, and are a 30-45 minute ride to Salty Buddha, our home base for the retreat.

B: Peabody Logan Express Bus can be taken from your terminal and will drop you off in Peabody where you can then take car service to the Salty Buddha. (

Q: What if I've never had a psychic mediumship reading before or worked with intuitives?

A: You are very welcome! Kate and Lenore use a very grounded, evidence-based approach to intuitive work. They work with people new to the intuitive and spiritual space often, and are here to help you open up to this area of work in a way that feels right to you.

Q: Can you tell me more about your mind-body-spirit approach?

A: Kate and Lenore have witnessed profound transformations in their clients and in themselves when intuitive work was brought into traditional mental health tools and body-up healing. This unique blend of modalities calms the physical body and lets the thinking mind give way to spiritual connection, allowing incredible intuitive insights to arise. In this space, we expand. We ignite. We connect to our truest selves and UNLOCK our soul's brightest light and potentiality.

Q: Have Kate and Lenore been working together long?

A: Kate and Lenore have been working together for over two years, and it's been incredible! We bonded instantly being both social workers and psychic mediums. Neither of us had ever met another mental health practitioner who was also an intuitive. We found so much belonging and energy in one another, and knew that our unique blend of pragmatic, science-based mental wellness work with our intuitive abilities would lead us to blend services to create something not yet offered in the mental health space, or in spiritual wellness spaces. Since then, we have provided workshops, online lectures, healing sessions, and group mediumship and intuitive readings together. We love working together, and are so glad you're joining us for our retreat!

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