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Support Sessions for Individuals & Families Navigating Grief

Work with me to understand the options available for you on your healing journey.

I am currently at client capacity at this time.

Please check back for future openings.

With light, Dr. Lenore

About Support Sessions

Guidance in identifying the Mind-Body-Spirit-Community Support you need.

Guided by my Mind-Body-Spirit-Social approach to coping with and healing through grief, and drawing on my experience as a widow as well as my work as a Dr. of Social Work, I work with individuals and families to understand the options available for you on your healing journey.

I work with clients for a single session and, if we both deem necessary, a follow-up session. From there, most clients continue working with me through group workshops and/or my online program.

Kindly note that I am not a therapist and do not provide ongoing, regular therapy sessions. However, I will help you identify the options in therapy that are available.


See my Resources page for information on finding a therapist if you are searching for one now.


A Holistic Way Forward Blending Psychosocial Approaches with the Body, Nervous System, Spirit, and Soul

We are more than just a mind, and the experiences of trauma, loss, and grief make that clear. I bring together evidence-based practices that connect to the core parts of us — the mind (mental and emotional health), the body (the nervous system and our physical health and pain), and the spirit and soul (our intuitive selves, connection to something higher, and even connection to the afterlife) — while helping you find the social support (community) you need to help you move through.


We can't heal alone, nor can we simply think our way through healing. Grief and trauma are full-body, full-soul experiences. Bringing all of those elements of self and spirit into the healing process allows for a more authentic, holistic, and transformative experience.

Who My Clients Are

Grief, anticipatory grief, and/or a terminal illness diagnosis — and mind/body and spiritual/intuitive ways forward.

Most of the people I work with are seeking support that integrates spiritual and intuitive practices and support, including meditation, yoga, working with reputable mediums, and one's own intuitive development. I help you understand the lay of the land, share my research and resources, and help you find the ongoing services you deem right for you.

I work with people who are navigating the loss of a loved one (at any time after their passing). I also work with individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and their families.

Questions that my clients often have include:

  • Will I see my loved one who crossed over again?

  • How can I maintain a relationship with my loved one who has crossed over?

  • I am receiving signs from my loved one. Is this normal? Is this just grief? Am I imagining it? 

  • As someone with a terminal illness, will my loved ones see me again? How can we prepare for this together?

  • How do I talk to my therapist about intuitive/spiritual/psychic experiences I've had with my loved one on the other side? How do I talk to my living relatives about this?

  • How can I develop my intuitive connection to my loved one more?

  • How can practices like yoga and meditation help me in my healing?

  • No one in my support group is talking about having an intuitive connection to their loved one. Am I alone in this?

The goal of the Support Sessions is to normalize what you're experiencing, and help you create a plan to help you move through your experience in a healthy, safe, transformative way that feels authentic to you.

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