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Continued Connection™:
15 Practices to Connect to Your Loved One in Spirit

Self-Paced, Online Program - COMING SOON!
With Dr. Lenore Matthew, PhD, MSW

Dr. of Social Work | Evidential Psychic Medium | Widow & Suicide Loss Survivor

Join this new online program and learn how to develop an ongoing relationship with your loved ones on the Other Side. I am a Dr. of Social Work with expertise in trauma, grief, and somatic healing practices. I am also a  trained evidential psychic medium and an intuitive development teacher.


My mediumship abilities awoke in 2020 when my late husband Bruno passed away. Bruno  and I developed this program together.


What Traditional Approaches to Grief Have Gotten Wrong

Traditional approaches to grief believe that our loved ones are primarily part of our past. Although we might carry their memory forward, in order to "move on," it's important we let them go.


Based on my connection to my late husband in Spirit and the experiences of hundreds of clients, research participants, and peers, I know that our loved ones aren't just in the past. They're right here next to us, in real-time, communicating, working with us, guiding us forward. They're not just a part of our past.

When we open up to Continued Connection, we learn how to communicate and be with our loved ones as the active, interactive souls they still are.  


Right here. Right now. In the present. And into the future.

Continued Connection: The Program

The program teaches you 15 different ways to tap into that connection and work with your loved one in healing through grief — finding light in your experience. Together.

Continued Connection is an online and self-paced program. This means you take your own time, working through the lessons — you and your loved one, with the videos and content as your guide.


In this program, you will learn 15 unique, practical exercises to guide you through different ways to connect to your loved one, including:

  • Various types of meditative practices,

  • Automatic writing,

  • Psychic art,

  • Psychometry (connecting through the energy of loved ones' objects),

  • Connecting through the energy of photographs,

  • Using psychic tools like oracle cards,

  • Somatic healing practices, including yin yoga and yogic breathwork,

  • Energy healing,

  • Sound healing,

  • And more.


It also includes a Bonus Lesson: How to Work with Mediums, and an introductory lesson, Developing Your Own Psychic Skills.

Every lesson includes a discussion as well as guided, practical exercises. 



Guided by my own experience as someone in grief, I've worked hard to find a platform and program structure that is accessible. Program investment is $297 USD for lifetime access.

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