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Dr. Lenore Matthew, PhD, MSW

Dr. of Social Work

Evidential Psychic Medium

Evidence-based Mind-Body-Spirit
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Intuitive & Spiritual Development Workshops

Join my online workshops and programs, to develop your intuitive gifts and deepen your spiritual practice.

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Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Experiences

Join other healers and me, to experience various forms of Mind-Body-Spirit healing, including psychic mediumship readings  and demonstrations, breathwork, meditation, spiritual and energy healing, yoga, and more.

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Research &

Through the Living Lab, I evaluate evidence of how Mind-Body-Spirit practices affect people's health, mental health and well-being.

And if you're a healer or intuitive, check out how we can help you capture and communicate the impact of your work.

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Advocacy &

Trauma, grief, and the effects of child abuse are a part of my and my late husband's story. Part of my mission is to speak truth on these issues — and on the ways that Mind-Body-Spirit methods, including psychic mediumship, help us heal through them.

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What's On?

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Intuition and Spirit Development for Mental Health Friday Workshop Series
Fridays, Monthly | Online | 2-3:30 pm EST (New York)

Learn how spirituality and intuition help our mental health in this ongoing workshop series led by Dr. Lenore Matthew and Kate Stacom, LICSW, mental health professionals who are also evidential psychic mediums.

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The Living Lab by Dr. Lenore Matthew has launched! The purpose of the Living Lab is to evaluate the impact of Mind-Body-Spirit healing practices on people's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. 

The Living Lab also works with other healers, teaching them how to measure their own success and impact on clients' and patients' well-being.

Mediumship, energy healing, breathwork, yoga, meditation, Reiki, and Kundalini — these are just some of the practices we evaluate.

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I lost my late husband to unexpected suicide. Then my ability of psychic mediumship opened up. And life as I knew it changed forever.

When my husband traumatically passed away, not only was I thrust into the deepest pain I've ever known, I also began receiving messages, signs, and insights from a dimension that I never had a reason to believe existed. I asked myself and loved ones, "am I crazy?!" But deep down, I knew these experiences were very real—and a part of my soul's path forward after loss.

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How do science and spirituality work together in healing through grief and trauma? How do they conflict? Check out the blog to learn more.

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Client Testimonials


My experience with Lenore is something very difficult to put into words. I came into the session with a healthy dose of skepticism, but after a very long session and the level of detail she provided me, I am more than convinced that she indeed connected to my loved one who crossed over, and did give me the message that person wanted to share. On the personal level, Lenore is a beautiful human being, empathic and very loving. Her gift is a true blessing worth sharing.

Eduardo, USA - Venezuela

Mediumship Client

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