Dr. Lenore Matthew, Ph.D., MSW

Trauma & Grief Specialist

Evidential Psychic Medium

Young Widow & Survivor of Suicide Loss

Melding science and spirit to help you
heal through trauma and grief,
and find your soul path forward.

Dr. Lenore Matthew and B hugging watching sunset, Alchemy of Science and Spirit

I lost my husband to unexpected suicide.
Then my ability of psychic mediumship opened up.
And life as I knew it changed forever.

When my husband traumatically passed away, not only was I thrust into the deepest pain I've ever known, I also began receiving messages, signs, and insights from a dimension that I never had a reason to believe existed. I asked myself and loved ones, "am I crazy?!" But deep down, I knew these experiences were very real—and a part of my soul's path forward after loss.


Blending my ability of psychic mediumship with
my scientific background as a Doctor of Social Work,
and my personal experience with trauma and grief as a widow by suicide loss,
my mission is to guide you through a process of
healing and awakening at mind, body, and soul levels.


Get Curious

How do science and spirituality work together in understanding grief and trauma? How do they conflict? Check out the blog to learn more.

Client Testimonials

The session that I had with Lenore was an amazing combination of a mediumship and a psychic reading. The session included beautiful insights from my maternal grandmothers and other family members inspiring me to proceed on my journey to help other suicide loss survivors. It is a beautiful awareness to know that I am headed in the right direction for such an important cause. I truly intend to use this reading as a compass to guide me further towards the impact I hope to have on others’ lives.

Stacey, USA, Mediumship & Psychic Soul Reading Client

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