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Lenore Matthew, PhD, MSW

Melding science and spirit.
Welcoming joy, light, and transformation.

I am a Dr. of Social Work and a practitioner and researcher, with expertise in trauma, grief, intuitive awakenings, and brain/body/spirit healing, as well as evaluation and evidence-based practice. I use a grounded science-meets-spirit approach to help people process trauma, pain, and stuckness, and open up to a life of joy, emotional freedom, and intuitive connection. ​Previously, I worked in evaluation research and community development with international organizations, including the United Nations.  ​In 2020, my late husband suddenly passed away. He died by warningless suicide — meaning, he showed no obvious signs that he was suffering prior to ending his life. His passing was a total shock. Immediately after he passed, my intuitive ability of mediumship awoke. I trained and practiced as a professional medium, leaning into my newly discovered intuitive abilities and connection to my late husband. As my most powerful guide through deep trauma and complex grief, these connections led me down a path of myriad somatic, spiritual, mind/body, and energy-based healing techniques.  On that path, I discovered Brainspotting, a fast-acting, deeply effective brain/body modality for trauma, and a derivative of EMDR. In just one session, it completely changed my experience with trauma, grief, and the stronghold they had over my life, far surpassing the impact of any other modality I had tried, both in depth of healing, and in staying power. Through Brainspotting, combined with my connection to my intuitive self, my world shifted to one that is expansive, joyful, present, and profoundly alive. Brainspotting impacted me so much that I became trained in the modality, enabling me to help others in tremendously transformative ways. ​My work today blends scientific methods from the fields of neuroscience, social work, and psychology, with the spiritual world and intuitive practices. My goal is to blend science with spirit to help people move through pain and trauma, and connect to their own soul, light, purpose, and joy. ​Whether it's traumatic loss or adverse childhood experiences that you are navigating, or feelings of stuckness, hopelessness, insecurity, being not good enough, perfectionism, anxiety, or depression, my blended approach of working with the deep brain plus opening up to one's soul, spirit, and intuition offers profound healing of the past alongside an expansive, positive opening to the future.

Work With Me

Emotional Healing, Intuitive Opening & Expansion to Joy

One-on-one virtual sessions for deep, lasting healing of limiting emotions and beliefs, alongside profound intuitive connection.

Evidence-based, neurology-meets-intuition approach to deep healing of distressing emotions and experiences and movement towards mental freedom, joy, light, and expansion.

In an average of 4-6 sessions, and in as few as 1, experience a lasting reduction and even elimination of distressing emotions and experiences — all while being held in a healing intuitive energy.

Continued Connection
Grief and the Afterlife Self-Paced Online Program

Connect to your loved ones on the Other Side — at your own pace, in your own time.

A New Approach to Healing through Grief — with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Learn 15 different ways to connect to your loved ones in Spirit, including mediumship, spirit meditation, energy healing, and more.

Do you receive signs from your loved one who has crossed over? Do you feel them nearby you, even if they have passed away? Are you interested in learning how to connect to your loved ones in the spirit world? Did your ability to sense the spirit world awaken when your loved one passed, and you want to understand your newfound abilities? 

Join the online, self-paced program, to learn how to connect to your loved ones on the other side and move through grief together.

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"Science and spirituality are not at odds. They actually work beautifully together, balancing and informing one another, if we only get curious about how this happens and have an open mind about what our inquiries may find."

Dr. Lenore Matthew for International Business Times

Explore the Research

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Post-Trauma  Expansion and Transformation Research Lab

The aim of the Post-Trauma Expansion and Transformation Research Lab is to conduct original studies on the impacts of spiritual and intuitive practices and experiences on trauma survivors' mental health, well-being, and spirituality.

See Articles & Interviews

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Articles & Interviews

Browse my interviews and articles on spiritual health, the afterlife, and intuitive practices and experiences in healing through trauma. 

Tune In

Watch my talk with HI Now Daily of HNN Hawaii News Now,

as we discuss blending science and spirituality in mental health care.

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How do science and spirituality work together in healing through grief and trauma? How do they conflict? Check out the blog to learn more.

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